Pass Information


  • Please find the following breakdown by air carrier for Global employee pass travel. It is our hope you’re able to utilize them, subject to class of service availability.
  • Most of the airlines have the prerequisite that doesn’t allow booking more than 30 days in advance, and this must be adhered to. Some are quite specific as to booking and ticketing rules.
  • The process for pass requests continues to be that you fill out the request form, have your managers sign off/house accounts clean and we’ll do all possible to accommodate.
  • There is a $50 administrative processing fee for some tickets, along with any airline imposed charges such as PFC by segment, etc. Inquiries for fees by airline should be forwarded to Tricia Whipps at headquarters.
Airline Ticket Fare Basics/Class Exp. Date Comments Fees
Americian PS AD50 F/J/Y Coach= O  
Bus=U, FC=Z

Establish availability, then call AA Redemption Center then call 817-963-5522

See for current details


AD70 domestic Coach Class, AD50 domestic First Class, and ADI70 International Coach Class


Domestic Classes:

D-  Business

A-  First

U-  Economy

K-  Shuttle


International Classes:

A-  Delta First

S-  Delta Business

Z-  KLM Business

T-  Delta Economy

N-  KLM Economy


See for booking information




Coach Ongoing Request through Tricia Whipps 208-387-1431 See for more information
10% off YASR1 fare. Minimum $25.00 o/w and $50.00 r/t.

2017 AD75 program overview

Eligible for travel in United Economy and United Business / United BusinessFirst / United First. Travel is not eligible in United Global First or United First on 3 cabin aircraft.

Booking classes and discounted fare remain the same as 2014:

  • First Class (F) - 2 cabin aircraft:  Discount taken from lowest unrestricted F fare and booked in Z class.
  • Business Class (J) - 2 or 3 cabin aircraft: Discount taken from lowest unrestricted J fare and booked in Z class.
  • Economy Class (B): Discount taken from lowest unrestricted B fare and booked in S class.

All travel must be booked and ticketed on, with travel completed by February 28, 2018.

Please note the 75% discount is taken from the unrestricted fare for each of the cabins on flights operated by United / United Express only - travel is not permitted on UA marketed codeshare flights. The required booking classes are capacity controlled and may not be available on all flights, so early ticketing is recommended.  Please email Tricia Whipps with a travel request.




Lufthansa   Seasonal business and coach fare offers for LH Experts. Year round AD75   See for information.